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The Creative Storyteller, Issue #006-NUMBER SIX
June 24, 2005
Hello again,



I have been neglecting you all recently – my apologies for that!

Part of the reason has been because of exciting things that have been happening on the website.

Those of you who are regular visitors will be aware of the changes that have taken place with regard to Spam and Virus reduction. Our web hosts, SiteBuildIt! have created a ‘Whitelisting’ system that screens out emails from sources that it doesn’t recognise. The only way for new emails to get through now is via the ‘Contact Us’ form on the new page that I have recently installed. There are text links on a variety of other pages that take people to the ‘Contact Us’ page.

The system only applies to those emailing us for the first time. Anyone with whom I have been corresponding with in the recent past and/or is in my address book will have been placed on the ‘Whitelist’ and will continue to be let through.

Those using the ‘Contact Us’ form will be ‘Whitelisted’ once I have personally responded to their message.

It was all a bit complicated for me to understand at first (not being a computer ‘techie’!) but with SiteBuildIt’s patient help we got there in the end!

I now receive only a fraction of the mail that I was receiving a month ago, but now none of it is ‘spam’ and the likelihood of virus infection is much reduced.

After some continuous ‘badgering’ from a number of people, I now have items on the website for purchase! My two C.D.’s "The Legend of the Bell Rock" and "The Adventures of a Lucky Bean" are now available. And also two out of print books: 'The Wizard, The Worms And Robin Hood' (a great book that deals with some amazing stories in Northumbrian Folklore) and 'Pom-Poms and Ruffles'. (a much sought after book about the early Twentieth Century Pierrot Shows that operated mainly in the North of England. Have a look on the appropriate pages if you are interested.

I am also making a FREE OFFER of one of the books or C.D.’s to three of the best ‘Constructive Suggestion’ emails I receive before the end of July (2005) – see the Newsletter page and Contact Us page for details.

Next time, I will tell you ‘How to Make More Money – by Asking for Less!’

Stay tuned!

‘Bye now.

Your response would be welcome!

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