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The Creative Storyteller, Issue #005-the ultimate marketing tool
April 12, 2005
Hello again,


If you really want to be up to date with your marketing, then a website is definitely the way forward.

Most businesses are computer driven these days and it is a fact that much of my work comes in via email.

A well presented website will enable prospective clients to get to know you far better than they ever will from a mail shot.

Everything that you put in a publicity leaflet is there at the click of a mouse, plus the potential for a whole lot more!

Many professional storytellers now have a personal website and no doubt will claim that they receive lots of work as a direct result. Some may, but many of the sites that I have visited, whilst being decorative and ‘Arty’, fail in my opinion, to address the question that a prospective client will want to know, namely:


I have mentioned it in an earlier posting, the potential booker needs to know how ‘you’ will enhance his/her event. The fact that you are an ex-school teacher, librarian or a social worker with a degree in sociology is only of superficial interest.

This information may go some way to establishing your credentials but unless it connects directly with the event that he/she is organising – it is of little consequence. What can you offer that will ensure a successful promotion?

Concentrate your advertising copy less on ‘ME’ and more on your material. Give your client something to visualise. Create a picture of happy, smiling, contented customers.

Whatever your subject matter happens to be, convey the image of a receptive and responsive audience and your chances of attracting enquiries will be increased.


A regularly updated ‘Newsletter’ can be useful, providing that you are adding information that is of relevance to your customer. Highlight upcoming festivals. If there is one in which you are performing, invite people to come along and enjoy the day with you.

Alert your clients in advance to events like ‘National Storytelling Week’, ‘World Book Day’, the next ‘Harry Potter Book Launch’, etc.

Suggest that ‘everyone’ will be hiring storytellers for these events. Tell them that you have already received enquiries, and so on. You will be surprised how motivated people are when they read things like this! Suddenly they become terrified of missing out!


I frequently participate in events in public parks. When I do, I usually make some reference to the event in my newsletter, giving details of how I am involved and of the innovative activities that took place (an example can be found on my Newsletter Archive page).

On more than one occasion, I have received enquiries from distant park administrators for more information and details of costs to present something similar at their location.


Many people are apprehensive about building a website. They feel overwhelmed at the very idea. Where to start and how to begin?

I felt the same, but I was lucky. My eldest son, Jeremy was already ‘into’ computers and it was he who suggested the idea to me. He had found a company that provided an all-in-one website building facility.

They enable people with no technical knowledge whatsoever (people like me!) to build their own website.

The company is called ‘SiteSell’ and they are largely responsible for one of the most visited storytelling websites on the internet. Which one is that? I’m glad you asked :-) It is!!!

Have a look on my 'Welcome' page and in the 'Newsletter' and you will find links to SiteSell. Go it now!

Don’t be afraid. If I can do it – anyone can! – really!

Your response would be welcome!

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