Here are the riddle solutions:

1. The letter ‘E’

2. Nothing!

3. CHICAGO has always begun with a ‘C’ and END has always begun with an ‘E’!

4. An equal.

5. One and three-quarter loaves each. The piper is the son of the fiddler and his wife. There are only three people, not four.

6. The letter 'M'.

7. The ship's name.


9. A Story.

10. The question is, “Do you spell your name with a ‘V’, Mr. Wagner?”.“Nein - W”, is the answer! – Sorry about the spelling of ‘Nine’ – but these riddles are for oral delivery.

11. Pig-skin is chiefly used for encasing pigs!

12. A postage stamp.

13. A Star

14. Birds mostly use them for nesting in!

15. T-O-B-A-C-C-O