Santa's Little Secret!

Santa’s Little Secret.

Santa Claus was almost finished. He had travelled several times around the world, delivering his gifts to the many millions of children who inhabit the Earth.

He smiled as he thought about the children. They it was who sustained him through the night. He drew strength from each and every child whom he visited. It was a special strength that enabled him to begin his preparations for the next year immediately after each Christmas.

This year was no different, and now he was nearly done. He placed the toys into the pillowcase at the foot of the bed. Then he quietly moved to look at the child, innocently sleeping.

He gently uncovered the little boy’s head, leaned over and sank his teeth into the soft neck, drank his fill of blood, then refreshed, re-adjusted the bedding, rose up the chimney and flew away......

Copyright Leslie Melville 2004