I found this item recently in an old joke book! It amused me, perhaps you have the same sense of humour!

The Three Ages of Man


1. Believes in Father Christmas.

2. Doesn't believe in Father Christmas.

3. He IS Father Christmas!

A Christmas Howler!

Here's another funny little tale that was recently passed on to me.

...When the Sunday School class had finished singing, "Silent Night", they were told the story of the Nativity.

The children were asked to make a drawing of the scene as they thought it might look. After a little while, the teacher passed among them to see how they were doing.

She stopped at one little boy who had nearly finished. She complimented him on his drawing of Joseph and Mary and the baby in the manger, but noticed a fat roly-poly figure set to one side.

"Who is that?" she asked. "It's Round John Virgin", the boy replied.

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