The Blushing Palms of Samoa!


This next presentation is a story for a small group of adults, perhaps standing and socialising at a party or in a reception area before going into the restaurant/dining area. Seek out an attractive young woman and present the trick to her.


On the far off South Sea island of Samoa, there is a cluster of palm trees known as ‘The Blushing Palms’. They are given this name because the green leaves turn a bright red immediately prior to the trees bearing fruit.

A superstition exists which encourages young girls about to be married to spend a night under the ‘Blushing Palms’. It is believed that if the leaves are red when the girls awaken, then the marriage is sure to be blessed with many healthy children!

The girls must perform a small ritual before going to sleep – I’ll show it to you, it goes like this: (Performer addresses attractive girl) – Hold out both of your hands with the backs up –(Performer demonstrates by holding own hands straight out in front and side by side with the backs up and about waist high – girl does likewise) – Clench your fists like this and wind them forward and then back again! (demonstrates again by turning fists forward and back as though pedalling a bicycle –(again she follows suit) – Knock your fists together and say, “Aloha, Aloha, Aloha” –(she does) – Now stretch them out as before – (she does) – Say, “Na Wa Te Pa To Te”-(she does) – Now turn your hands over –(When she does this, the performer points to her palms and says) –See! Your palms are blushing already! That’s a good sign!-(when she turns her palms up, she will probably scream, because a bright red patch has appeared in the centre of each palm!).

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