"Magictales!" Products Page.

Some complementary products for use in connection with routines described in "Magictales!" - The Definitive Book of Storytelling Magic.

Please bear in mind that I am not a magic dealer and do not hold large quantities of the following items. This is an 'after sales' service for those who have purchased the book. So before pressing buttons and handing over your cash to paypal(!), please get confirmation from me that what you are looking for is in stock!

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Product & Price

"The Blushing Palms of Samoa"

Carton of Red Pigment...........£7.00
(with two plastic dispensers)

Outside of the U.K. & Europe.....£8.50

Product and price

Painless Parker and the
Necklace of Teeth!

Decorative necklace of 12
teeth plus 12 loose teeth
in an attractive drawstring bag....£12.50

Outside of the U.K. & Europe.....£15.00

Product and price

The Strange Tale of
Mr. Tall & Mr. Small

Two printed 'Boomerang' cards.....£5.00

Outside of the U.K. & Europe.....£6.50

Product and price

The Miracle of the Poinsettia!

Beautiful artificial poinsettia
bloom, leaf and 9" white silk.........£8.50

Outside of the U.K. & Europe.....£10.00

Product and price

The Search for the Dragon's Gold!

'Merlin's Purse' - specially
designed 'Buddah Papers'.............£7.00

Outside of the U.K. & Europe......£8.50

Product and price

"Your Hair Will be
Your Fortune!"

Package of special rope
and knots etc................£6.00

Outside of the U.K. & Europe......£7.50

Product and price

Cagliostro Lives!

Holographic spectacles.............£6.50

Outside of the U.K. & Europe....£8.00

Special Offer!
I have received several requests from people wishing to purchase all of the items listed above and wanting to know if I am prepared to offer a reduction in the price for the bulk purchase.

In view of this and since by doing so I am saved considerable postal charges I am offering a special deal for all seven items of £50.00 for customers in the U.K. and Europe or £60.00 ($115.00) for countries beyond.

If you wish to avail yourself of this reduced price for all seven items, click the appropriate button:

All seven items £50.00 (U.K. & Europe):

All seven items £60.00/$115.00 (Outside of the U.K. & Europe)

Further reminder:

Some of the materials for making up the items are occasionally difficult to source, although I will always try to maintain stocks of the items listed above. As suggested at the top of the page, please Click Here and check availability before ordering.

All prices include postage and packing.

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