A workshop on:

The Art of Communicating through Stories - including Programming, Presentation and Delivery.


For over fifty years LESLIE MELVILLE has been telling stories and performing magic for a living.

He brings to this workshop a lifetime of experience working before every kind of audience; from the tough, short attention span, potentially aggressive Miner's Welfare Club to the tough, short attention span, potentially aggressive Primary School Assembly! - with all variations in between!

For the last twelve years, Leslie has worked increasingly in storytelling. He has produced a 'Books Are Magic!' presentation aimed at encouraging primary schoolchildren to use libraries and read books. He runs school storytelling workshops and has managed to 'tap' the difficult to get into secondary school market.

The workshop discusses 'Story Selection', 'Audience Inter-action', and 'Story Enhancers'. Leslie includes some of his own 'Bits of Business' and offers them free for participants to use in their own presentations.

Although Leslie's own background is largely based in 'Entertainment', he demonstrates that the basic techniques that he employs are equally relevant to School Teachers, Childcare and Welfare Workers, Nursery Nurses, College Lecturers and in fact, anyone wishing to COMMUNICATE through storytelling.


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