If YOU are interested in out of print books on Scottish and English Folklore or would like to take a nostalgic look back at early Twentieth Century English Seaside Entertainment, then here are two rare, out of print books to excite you!

I have a limited stock of these two great titles - when they are gone......They're gone!!!


The first title is:


written by George K. Smith.

A few years ago, I borrowed a book from the East Kilbride library. It was called “The Wizard, the Worms and Robin Hood.” A slim, light board covered volume of 70 pages written by George K. Smith and published in 1994 by The Pentland Press.

I found it fascinating and tried later to purchase copies of the book for both myself and friends whom I knew would also enjoy reading the contents.

I discovered that the Edinburgh publishers had gone out of business and all stocks had been transferred to a warehouse in Cambridge awaiting disposal. I contacted the warehouse and was told that the remaining sixty odd copies of the book were available as a job lot!

The author had been offered first refusal but had not replied, so if I wanted them……..!

Throwing caution to the wind, I bought the lot and have been selling them at storytelling festivals.

I predict that this book will one day become a classic - so pardon me if I shout....


Buy it Now! - Before it's gone forever!

  • Read the most complete and definitive information currently available about Michael Scot The original "Wizard of the North!"

  • To what extent was Michael Scot responsible for King Canute's failed attempt to turn back the tide?

  • What really were the mythical 'Worms' of Northumbrian Legend?

  • and did Robin Hood really exist? - and if so, When? and who exactly was he?

    George Smith investigates these subjects with great care and his conclusions are compelling.

    His book is immensely readable and entertaining. You will learn that Michael Scot it was who first wore the archetypal wizard's conical shaped hat and flowing robes, decorated with moons and stars. And that the hat's design was for Scot's personal protection! - "Protection from what?" I hear you ask.

    Read the book and discover the fascinating answer!

    There is little that I need to add, except to repeat that it is a great read and when these copies are gone there will be no more!

    "THE WIZARD, THE WORMS AND ROBIN HOOD" by George K. Smith........£15.00 (includes postage and packing).

    .....The second of the two books is called.....


    I also have managed to obtain a few copies of the much sought after "POM-POMS AND RUFFLES" …The story of Northern Seaside Entertainment written by G. J. Mellor

    Containing many black & white photographs - G.H.Elliott, Freddie Frinton, Catlin's Pierrots with Will Catlin, Jennie Tate, The Western Brothers, Webster Booth and a whole lot more - the book takes a nostalgic look back to a period in the early 20th. Century and the time of the popular seaside Pierrot Troups. Something peculiarly British in its style and theatrical art form.

    Published in 1966 by Dalesman Publishing Company Ltd., this book has LONG BEEN OUT OF PRINT! and we are reliably informed that a ‘used copy’ of ‘Pom-Poms and Ruffles’ was recently bought at auction for £35.00! - These copies are not used, they are first editions, straight off the shelf! As mentioned above, when these are gone, there will be no more!

    "Pom-Poms and Ruffles"....£12.50 (includes postage and packing)

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