Stories On C.D.

There IS an alternative!

You can listen to my Stories On CD!

Are you fed up listening to the non-stop “Boom-Boom-Boom” of mindless pop music? The incessant self-indulgent chatter from radio D.J.’s or of watching endless television repeats and so-called ‘Reality’ shows? – You are?

there is an alternative! picture this - a comfortable armchair, a cup (or even a glass!) of your favourite beverage, the lights dimmed, and then the voice of Leslie Melville telling you stories! – yes stories! Exciting tales of cut-throat pirates and unbroken curses! savage retribution! and deals with The Devil! Amusing stories, amazing stories – entertaining stories!

They are all on my C.D. “The Legend of The Bell Rock, and Other Tales of the Sea”. Interlaced between the stories is the music and singing of Alastair McDonald (Scotland’s favourite folk-minstrel).

It's the way it always used to be.

For hundreds and hundreds of years people were entertained by storytellers and minstrels – long before the invention of radio and television.

The power of storytelling is just as strong today and just as exhilarating. A good storyteller can take you to places you never dreamed of - and to places you have!

So give yourself a treat, send for

"The Legend of The Bell Rock and Other Tales of The Sea"

A total of 15 tracks

£12.00(includes postage & packing)

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