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Are YOU looking for a REALLY ENTERTAINING AND UNIQUE MAGIC presentation?

Look no further - it's here!


A comical romp through the life and experiences of an itinerant magician!

For over fifty years, LESLIE MELVILLE has been performing magic and telling stories.

"Tales of a Travelling Trickster!"

recalls his early introduction to magic. He jokes affectionately about his Great Uncle Ernest and tells of seeing his first magic show presented by The Barnsley Circle of Magicians.

  • He talks of his experiences in Holiday Camps and Working Men’s Clubs; His life aboard Luxury Cruise Liners and twelve memorable years in the company of a Clairvoyant Hen!
  • It is a story full of incident. Some of it dramatic, some of it hilarious! None of it dull!
  • Leslie is a Top Class Professionally Performing Magician and illustrates many of his tales with demonstrations of amazing magical effects!

    is a ninety-minute truly unique one-man presentation, full of magic and laughter!

    It is available to perform in YOUR VENUE!

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