If you are anything like me, you will want to add a little variety to your storytelling performances.

The insertion of one or two riddles can be guaranteed to generate some response from your audience - even if some of it turns out to be mostly a 'passive' reaction!
Children will never let you down! They will volunteer the most unlikely solutions without any thought to the logic of their answer. it doesn't matter. At least it shows that they are listening!

Here are a few of my favourites. Some of which many of you will already know. I should point out here that these riddles are for 'oral' delivery. You will understand why I tell you this when you read some of the solutions - which you will find at the appropriate link on my 'Newsletter' page!

The Riddles

What occurs four times in every week, twice in every month, but only once in a year?

What is higher than the highest, lower than the lowest, greater than God, worse than the Devil. Eaten by the dead, but if we eat it, we die?

When did Chicago begin with a 'C' and end with an 'E'?

What is it that God never sees, a king seldom sees, but ordinary people see every day?

The fiddler and his wife, the piper and his mother, between them ate three half-loaves, three whole loaves and three-quarters of another. If each had an equal share, how many loaves did each eat?

Mary has a big one, Jemima, two but small. William has but one behind. Poor John has none at all! What are we talking about?

On a ship, what runs from forward to aft on the Port side and aft to forward on the Starboard side?

Identify a word that begins with seven consonants and ends with nine!

I can touch you but you can't touch me. Although I have no wheels, wings on sails, I can take you on a long journey. And sometimes you can see me best with your eyes closed! What am I?

If 9W is the answer, what is the question?

For what is pig-skin chiefly used?

What sits in the corner and travels all over the world?

On a ship, I'm half right. Surrounded by friends you can see me at night! What am I?

In China, what are bird's nests mostly used for?

Three-quarters of a cross and a circle complete.
Two half circles on a perpendicular meet.
A small triangle standing on two feet.
Two half circles and a circle complete.
What am I?

So there are just a few of the ones that I have fun with. If YOU know some riddles that you would like to share. Please send them to me and I will give you full credit.

Sometimes a riddle can be built into a story. Here is a tale that I often tell:


There was once a storyteller who inadvertently offended a rich and powerful king. The king was furious and in his rage, condemned the storyteller to death!

On the day of his execution, as was the custom of the time, the storyteller was granted one final request. He said, “I ask only that I be allowed to live as long as it takes the king to solve a riddle”. Now the king rather fancied himself at solving riddles and so he readily agreed.

But through all of his lifetime, he was unable to solve the storyteller’s riddle. It became his lifelong obsession until he eventually lost his mind, lost his queen and lost his kingdom. He died in misery in a place set aside for the incurably insane! As for the storyteller, he lived to a ripe old age, dying peacefully in his sleep.

The riddle became such a threat to the sanity of man that a law was passed forbidding it ever to be repeated. And it never was. Until a few years ago when an archaeologist discovered an old manuscript upon which was written the story that I have just told you. It also contained the storyteller’s riddle.

I could tell you what it said and you might try to solve it yourself. But before you do, just remember what happened to that rich and powerful king, all those hundreds of years ago. Are you sure that you want to risk losing your sanity?!

I am currently concluding the story with either riddles No.4 or No.9 above. If you would like to tell this story, make sure that the riddle you use is moderately difficult. After all, a king lost his kingdom and a law was passed!

Here is a Link to a website that contains a lot more! have fun!

Answers to Riddles