Come on a 'Voyage of Discovery' in search of Pirates and Buccaneers

  • Learn how the dreaded 'BLACKBEARD' met his Doom!

  • Hear about the 'REVENGE OF EMMY TOT' - Not all pirates were men!

  • And discover the whereabouts of 'THE TREASURE OF TORTUGA!' - A Magical Mystery where the audience participate in the search for hidden treasure!

    Listen and Laugh with the Pirate Tale Teller, as he spins these and other yarns about the Blood-Thirsty Buccaneers of long ago!

    It's a fun and fascinating exploration into fact and fable!

    So come on "Me Hearties!" Hoist the Jolly Roger and let's set sail!!

    (This presentation is devised for the entertainment of children and their families)

    For further details of fees and availabilities

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    Some of the tales can be heard on my C.D.:"The Legend of the Bell Rock - and other Tales of the Sea" CLICK HERE