The Witchmaster's Song


I’m the Master of the Witches,
The Witchmaster am I.
The crones all do my bidding,
for I have the ‘Knowing-Eye’!

The ‘Knowing-Eye’s’ their source of power,
without it they are lost.
And whilst I am its keeper
they defy me at their cost!

I teach them all their magic spells,
their secret incantations.
Of mystic signs and wishing wells
and creating conflagrations!

From me they learn of pentacles,
the runes and crystal scrying.
Of herbal brews and deadly stews
and even broomstick flying!

Yes, I teach them all the secrets
of aerial suspension.
And some I teach to fly around
and in the Third Dimension!

The hags all do my bidding
and on me they must rely,
for I’m the Master of the Witches,
keeper of the ‘Knowing-Eye’.

Copyright Leslie Melville 1987

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