Scary Stories !

How about some Scary Stories to frighten the wits out of your friends at Hallowe'en and other Spooky Nights!

People enjoy listening to scary tales and the ones below are among the stories that I tell.

“The time has come – the hour’s near, when all the things that mortals fear…….!”

The above quotation is from the beginning of a menacing poem that I sometimes recite on Hallowe’en ghost walks and other similar occasions. I will give you the full poem and subsequent follow-up (!) at the appropriate time!

Everyone loves a spooky fable. Hallowe’en and Christmas are ideal times for telling ghost stories and tales of witches and vampires. We have one or two for you on this page and invite YOU to send in one of your favourites.

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The first item in this selection of scary stories, is a poem that I wrote to introduce a character in a spook show that I presented in Scottish schools during the eighties and nineties. It was a two-handed presentation, featuring a witch and ‘The Witchmaster’. I later expanded the production and introduced two more witches and a ‘Dracula' like vampire villain.

We toured this show, again in Scotland, and played theatres, community centres and village halls with great success. So here is:

The Witchmaster's Song
The Phantom Lawman
The Hand of Glory
A Strange Dream
The Late Storyteller
The Master of the Great Undead
The Gravestone
The Time Has Come, The Hour's Near..
The Devil's Wager
Appointment in Samarra
Lot 221
Death in the Necropolis

Here's a new story given to me by Tony McMylor - thanks Tony, I like it!

Blackpool in February,

Saturday afternoon and I needed a break from the magicians' convention. I walked briskly down from the Winter Gardens to the promenade. It was cold, windy and there was a threat of rain in the air. When I reached the promenade I quickly crossed over to the beach side to escape the assaults on my senses of chip and burger smells, the noise of bingo callers and the general clamour.

I began to walk briskly southwards towards the Pleasure Beach, deep in thought about magic effects I wanted to buy, friends I had just met and those I hadn't bumped into yet. Suddenly it started to rain quite hard and I nipped into a, surprisingly graffiti-free, shelter.

A minute or so later an elderly couple joined me. Couple not being the correct word - they were obviously mother and son. She was pushing eighty, rather fat and wearing one of those concertina type plastic rain hoods over her hat. The son gave the impression of being one of those sons who had never flown the nest. Around his neck hung an extremely large pair of binoculars, which I would hazard a guess, were made by a company called Millstone and the only part of his attire that looked reasonably modern was his baseball cap which supported the NY logo and, yes, you've guessed it, he wore backwards. We exchanged nods and smiles as they settled down. I half expected the flask and sandwiches to be produced, but no.

"Do you remember Bernard, when we used to come here for our holidays when you were a little lad?" the old lady asked.

"Yes Mam." Bernard replied as he gazed out to sea through his binoculars.

There was a pause and she spoke again. "And do you remember when you buried your dad up to his neck in the sands? It must have been not far from where we're sitting now."

"Yes Mam, I do."

"The tide was just about to come in wasn't it?" she said. Did I sense more than just a little amusement in her voice?

"Yes Mam, it was."

She paused again, smiled and said "I wonder why they never found the body?"

Spooky Sea Stories on C.D.

There are some quite gruesome tales on my C.D. "The Legend of The Bell Rock - and Other Tales of the Sea" Click here for more information.

Stately Homes, Studio Theatres and Art Centres.

If you are the Manager of a Stately Home, Studio Theatre or Arts Centre, you may be interested in inviting William Warlock - The Gothic Horror Storyteller to come and terrify your guests/clients/customers with a dramatic spook show, full of Scary Stories, including Who Was Jack the Ripper? and concluding with a Spiritualistic Psychic Seance!