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    I first placed this page on to the website intending merely to promote my specially themed storytelling presentation.

    I was therefore surprised at the amount of traffic that the page attracted, clearly demonstrating the world-wide interest that exists in the subject of Teddy Bears. So for the benefit of these additional visitors, I have added the following material.

    I shall continue to add items whenever I find something that I think you will enjoy.

    Thank you all for your interest and support!

    And if YOU are an organiser of a TEDDY BEAR related event, DO READ the above publicity again and CONTACT ME! By Clicking here

    Search for a Teddy Bear poem - can you help?

    I recenty received an email from Anita who wishes to complete a Teddy Bear poem. If anyone out there can help, please let me know and I will post it here with full acknowledgement -  Thank you in advance.

    Here is the start of Anita's poem:......

    Teddy and I went shopping along the busy street.

    Teddy had his mind made up to buy himself some sweets

    Chocolates are lovely But chocolates do not last

    So Teddy bought himself some lollies -they do not go so fast.......

    ??????????? ???????????

    First challenge of 2015!

    Returning home following a two week break for Christmas and the New Year, I found this request in my mailbox - if anyone 'out there' can help Alice we will all be delighted!

    'Happy New Year' to you all!

    Alice writes:

    My Nan used to tell me a lovely story about a teddy getting lost whilst shopping. It started, "Teddy and I went shopping, along the busy street........"

    I would be so grateful if you could find me the full story as it means such a lot to me. My Nan passed away last week and this story was something she would recite to me every Saturday afternoon until I was 10 years old. She had a wonderful gift of telling stories and I would love to be able to read the whole story again.

    Thank you. Alice

    March 8th. 2018

    Good news for Anita and Alice! If you're both still visiting - it's been a while!

    They both were looking for a Teddy Bear poem from their childhood. As always, I posted their request and crossed my fingers - now, three years later, here it is!

    Emma Butler has sent it to me with her own personal reminiscence; this is what she says:

    "it’s a poem I have remembered since I was around 5 years old! It was from a family camping holiday in South Molton, Devon, where I was bought a lovely teddy in a bomber jacket (I’m sure he’s still in the loft somewhere!).

    Being inseparable he became a well known bear in the entertainment area of the campsite. We made friends with a lovely family, who in fact gave me the poem. I actually thought it was perhaps an original as it was written on a piece of paper and given to me.

    The lady’s name was Maureen and her son was Graham...but the rest is lost in memory.  I don’t have it written anymore but have remembered it (hopefully correctly) for nearly 40 years which is madness!...

    Teddy and I went shopping along the busy street,
    Teddy took some money to buy himself some sweets,
    Chocolates are lovely, but chocolates don’t last,
    So Teddy bought some toffee, which doesn’t go so fast

    When I paid the lady with the pretty golden hair
    I turned to take his hand again but Teddy wasn’t there!
    I ran along the pavement shouting very loud,
    “Teddy! Teddy!” pushing through the crowd.

    When I reached the corner, where the paper seller stands,
    I saw a BIG policeman, holding Teddy’s hand.
    “I’ll never take you out again, you naughty boy” I said
    So I took him home and spanked him, and sent him straight to bed.

    I hope someone will enjoy it, like I have for many years."

    I am sure anyone reading the above (especially Anita and Alice) will be delighted with such a lovely tale.

    Thank you so much!

    I recently received the following:

    I had a book from the library when I was younger (mid-late 80's I think this would have been), and it was a children's poem/picture book about a lonely teddy bear. The poem started off:

    "The teddy bear was lonely in the big department store, The people there were friendly, but poor teddy wanted more"

    I think there were probably 10-20 verses...

    I have been searching for this for a long time now and can't find anything anywhere, any help or advice as to where I can find this would be greatly appreciated. (I'm in the UK - not sure if this was a UK book?).



    If anyone recognises this, please let us know so that we can re-unite Emma with her poem.

    I was sent a Teddy Bear story on May 6th. 2011 and have hesitated to include it here because it is about a teddy bear who is grieving for his 'lost boy'. It was written by a mother to help her young son come to terms with the loss of his older brother.

    But I found the story quite moving and thought, 'Why not?' and so I have decided to add a link to it from this page. The story is called The Little Bear Who Lost His Boy

    I received the following email recently (May 3rd. 2011). It is a request for a Teddy Bear story from someone's past. If anyone knows the tale, please forward it to me and I will print it here.

    Thank you in advance.

    Here is Angelo's request:

    "This is a story of a bear that loses his father after telling him that he is all grown up. The father gives him a task to find his way back home. The kid searches and searches until he finds his dad acting at the circus. - That's all I know. I really hope you can help me find this story as it was the only tale my mother ever told me and it was my very favorite. Truly Yours, Angelo S."

    This story was recently posted to me (24th. May 2010). I hope you enjoy it

    Cookie Bear and the Small People

    I recently received a request for information about a Teddy Bear story that is unfamiliar to me. However perhaps YOU KNOW IT! If so, please send it in and make Judi's day!

    This is what Judi wrote:

    "Every time I give blood and see the vial filling with blood the phrase "hot red teddy bear blood" comes to mind. When I was a child I seem to remember a story about a teddy bear who fell down or cut a finger or was injured in some way and he bled "hot red teddy bear blood." Does anyone remember that particular phrase and where it came from? I'd love for my memory to be refreshed!"

    Thanks in advance!

    I have received an email from Warren Etchells, asking for information regarding a Teddy Bear tale that he remembers from the past. It is a story with which I am not familiar but others may be able to help. If YOU have any ideas, then please let me have the details so that I can pass the information on to Warren. Thank you in advance, here is Warren's request:

    "When I was a little boy I was watching a children's programme. It was very heart warming about a little teddy bear, visiting a toy shop, with Mummy Bear. I only remember the end, which stuck in my mind, the mummy bear had bought the little bear a toy motor, and it was the image at the end of the little bear coming out of the shop with the toy motor, and was all smiles. I always remembered it but can't remember what the story was called. any ideas?"

    If you can help Warren with this story, please Click here

    I have also received an email from David Palmer. He is looking for a teddy bear tale. David's email is self-explanatory and if anyone 'out there' knows the story, please contact me so that I can pass it on to David and perhaps include it among the other tales on this page.

    Here is David's request:

    "I wonder if you could help me source a story about a teddy bear that I heard on Radio 4 a few years ago. Basically it followed the life of a teddy bear at the beginning of the 1900's. It went with its owner to the front lines in the First World War and the story follows its life up to the modern day.

    I'm sorry the information is so vague but I can't remember the full details. I do remember however that it was quite a moving tale. Many thanks".

    Both David and I will keep our fingers crossed!

    Good News!

    It's been a long wait but Christopher Sorenson has located David's story! Actually he wrote to me last November and I lost his email (filed it in the wrong place!) so was unable to load it on to the page at the time...Sorry!

    But now the information has been recovered and Christopher tells me that it was a Tracy Neale Radio Play, entitled "Theo" by Moya O'Shea and features Martin Jarvis

    Christopher also says that it can be downloaded!

    So there we are - another success story! Thank you again Christopher and many apologies for the delay.


    Here are a few jokes that might amuse you.

    What do Winnie the Pooh and Rupert the Bear have in common?
    Their middle names.

    What’s white, furry and tastes of peppermint?
    A polo bear.

    Why do bears have fur coats?
    They’d feel silly in plastic macs.

    How do you start a teddy bear race?
    Ready, Teddy, Go!

    Daddy Polar standing tall, declared, "I have a tale to tell!
    Mummy Polar Bear, standing beside him, said, "And I have a tale to tell!"
    Baby  Polar  Bear,  sitting on an iceberg,  muttered,  "My t-t-t-tail is t-t-t-told!"  

    ManageA teddy bear who worked on a building site arrived for work one morning to discover that his pick was missing. He went to see the foreman, who told him, “It’s because today’s the day the teddy bears have their picks nicked!”

    If YOU know any others and would like to share them, e-mail me and I’ll credit the source.

    Searching for a Teddy Bear tale!

    I recently received the following email. Rosemary is trying to locate a Teddy Bear story. I don't know it but if anyone of YOU out there knows of it, please contact me and I'll pass the information on. Here is Rosemary's query:

    I wonder if you can help? I am trying to find the story called 'Teddy Bear waiting for four o'clock tea.'
    It is about a bear thrown away on a rubbish tip, who finds himself next to a clock which reads five to four, and the teddy is happy, because he always has tea with his owner at four o'clock, and doesn't know the clock is broken.

    Do you know it and the author? I do hope you can help. Many thanks, Rosemary.


    Further to the preceding item, which has been on this page for quite a considerable time...I have GOOD NEWS!

    Lea Ann Kaplan has located the elusive tale. It appears to be the lyric of a song! Thank you Lea Ann for taking the trouble to post this lovely story, your kindness is very much appreciated. So here it is Rosemary, if you are still searching. It is called:


    A teddy bear sits on a mattress
    One glass eye and threadbare paw
    Looking at a cuckoo clock
    Which shows it's ten to four

    Four o'clock is teddy's teatime
    Lots of friends and fancy cake
    Although it's only pretend eating
    Oh how long ten minutes take

    Shadows grow on distant hillsides
    Orange sun on glassy sea
    All in his amber eye reflected
    And still ten minutes left 'til tea

    The mattress, striped, is old and broken
    Rusty springs through stuffing show
    The cuckoo clock is also broken
    But how's a teddy supposed to know?

    Unaware he's been discarded
    That this is not the nursery cot
    The hills and sea just glass, old papers
    On a disused rubbish plot

    A telephone that no one answers
    Empty tins that once held tea
    The clock that still says nearly teatime
    Where can all the children be?

    For ages now he's lain unwanted
    Saluting with his threadbare paw
    He'll never know he's been abandoned
    'Til the clock reads after four

    Don't tell him that the clock is broken
    For as long as teddy doesn't know
    It'll always soon be teatime
    As it was so long ago.

    I am sure it will bring a little lump in the throat to many of you - It did me!

    It was written by Jeremy Lloyd and can be found with a lot of other fascinating lyrics about animals and insects etc. on the website of Captain Beaky and His Band

    'LOST and FOUND' department!

    Here is yet another request for a 'Lost' Teddy Bear tale!

    Michelle writes:

    I am looking for a story called "The Purple Bear". I don't know the author, but the story is slightly poetic in form & begins with "I was a play horse you pull with a string on wheels where legs should be." - If you can find it I would like to know. Thanks, Michelle

    If anyone out there knows this story, please email me and I will pass it on to Michelle.

    (It happened for Rosemary - let's hope we can do it again!)

    Yes we can!!!

    "Everything comes to those who wait." - At least that what my mother used to tell me!

    Michelle's request came in some time ago, but at last we have a result! She was asking about a poem relating to a 'Purple Teddy Bear'.

    Monica (not sure about your second name) has written to me with the following link to "Biff, the Friendly Purple Bear." credited to Mac Davis

    Many thanks Monica.

    Here is another request for Teddy Bear story. It comes from John, who writes,

    "I have come across a story called "The Little Lost Bear", It starts with, "Edward the bear lived on the shelf in Bobby's bedroom. He was a very old bear and had been there for many years. One day he felt so lonely and Bobby hadn't played with him for so long, he got his favourite book, his pencils, best bow tie and packed them in his satchel!........”

    Unfortunately that's all I know and I would like to know the rest of the story, can anyone help?"

    I don't know John - but we have been occasionally successful - perhaps someone out there recognises your story. If someone does, please let me know and I'll do the rest.

    No Teddy Bears feature would be complete without reference to this ever popular song:

    The Teddy Bear's Picnic

    This next tale is one of mine - I hope you like it!

    The Teddy Bear That Got Lost!

    Below are the lyrics to a song that was published in 1919! An American magical colleague sent them to me. He writes fascinating stories and routines for magicians. His name is Ed Solomon.

    He didn’t send the music but I think it works quite well as a comical poem for children.

    He saw this page and thought the item would fit very well alongside the material already here. He is quite right of course. Thanks, Ed.

    So here it is, I hope you all enjoy it.


    By Mana-Zucca

    I chanced upon a big brown bear
    a gruff old bear was he.
    He basked content within his lair,
    I looked at him, and he looked at me.
    And all he said was “WOOF!” Ah me.
    And all he said was “WOOF!”

    That big brown bear just hugged his lair,
    And blinked a twinkling eye.
    He ne’er as much as moved a hair,
    But scared to death was trembling I.
    And all he said was “WOOF!” Oh My.
    And all he said was “WOOF!”

    I doubted his sublime intent,
    and did not stay for proof;
    my heels in flight were swiftly bent,
    for I’m inclined to stay aloof,
    when big brown bears say “WOOF!”
    Oh my, Oh my,
    Oh my, Oh my, Oh my.
    When big brown bears say


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