Stories and Legends

I am a teller of pirate stories and legends. For about twenty years I have been featuring performances of storytelling and magic with the title, "Yo! Ho! Ho! Pirate Tales!" In that time, the presentation has undergone several changes.


More recently, I have been performing as ‘MASTER SPELLS, PIRATE TALE TELLER’, concentrating on the stories, with just a minimum of magical illustration to add a little variety to the performance. This was the presentation that I took to the 2002/3/4 Lancaster Easter Maritime Festivals.

In addition, I now have a presentation of Pirate Story Workshops for children. It is a two-hour event in which the children learn all about pirates and are also shown how to make 'Jolly Roger' flags and Pirate Treasure Maps!

In March 2005, I presented a series of these events at a number of Liverpool branch libraries. - Check out

Yo! Ho! Ho! Pirate Tales!

for details.


Over the years I have read many books on the subject of pirates. Some are now out of print and are difficult to obtain. Of those that are currently available, I can recommend:
"A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the most Notorious Pirates" by Captain Charles Johnson, "The Pirate's Own Book", by the Marine Research Society and "Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates." More detailed observations on these books can be found by CLICKING HERE
I have listed below a few of the tales that I tell. I have omitted the obvious Blackbeard and Henry Morgan yarns. They are well documented on other web-sites. ANNE BONNEY and Mary Read are also left out for the same reason.


The Revenge of Emmy Tot!
The Pirates Curse!
Captain Daniel and the Priest
The Unfortunate Sea Cook
The Legend of the Bell Rock
Jack Warrender and the Standing Stones
The Treasure of Tortuga!

Some of the above stories can be heard on my C.D.:"The Legend of the Bell Rock - and other Tales of the Sea": CLICK HERE for more information.

Here is an additional website link, it is called Story Lovers.

You will find lots of further information here.