The Green Man

Who is The Green Man?

Some say that he is an earth spirit represented by legendary heroes, like Robin Hood, Herne The Hunter and Merlin. Others that he is the embodiment of Cernunnos, the Celtic god of the forest.

He comes from a time beyond memory and was an enigma even before the days of the druids.

His image can be found in churches, on ancient monuments, in ruined abbeys. He is displayed in a variety of guises on public house signs and in dozens of other unlikely places.

He often appears as 'Jack in the Green', the central figure in village 'Mayday' celebrations.

Nowhere is it suggested that his origins are evil – he is thought to be mostly benign and protective. Pagan peasants, without the influence or 'guidance' from intellectual priests, perhaps conjured him up in their own folklore as a kind of rustic god, beseeching him to enrich the soil and give them a successful harvest.

He has been revived and invoked in more modern times as a symbol for ecological protest groups who despair for what they perceive to be the eventual destruction of the planet.

Despite his age, he lives on to inspire, intrigue and fascinate.

From time to time I have been invited to perform my 'Tales of The Green Man' presentation at country parks, folk festivals and other outdoor locations Click here if you are interested!

In 2003 I purchased “The Green Man Companion and Gazetteer”, a small book written by Ronald Millar. Inside the back cover was an invitation to join 'The Company of The Green Man'. Upon joining, members would receive a quarterly newsletter, containing articles, stories and locations where Green Man carvings etc. could be found. I subsequently joined this group and occasionally contributed to the newsletter. Sadly, Ronald Millar died in 2005 and 'The Company of The Green Man' was no more.

It has been for some time my intention to construct a page on this website on the subject of The Green Man. However I am pleased to say that Chris Walton, one of the original members of the group has now taken up the torch and has created a website devoted to the subject. He is gathering together as many of the past members that he can locate in order to perpetuate Ron Millar's legacy.

If you are interested in this fascinating topic, why not visit The Company of the Green Man. and become a member yourself?

I'll see you there!