I have recently been reflecting on the secret of our online success. This website has now been in existence for over fifteen years and when my eldest son Jeremy suggested the idea, I wasn’t sure that at the age of 69, I would be able to sustain sufficient interest (my own, that is!), or maintain the output of readable material required to fill the pages!

I am delighted to say that following a good number of years down the line, my enthusiasm remains unabated and with the encouragement and occasional contributions from a number of friends in the storytelling and magic communities, I am now looking forward to the next level. I must at this point say a big “Thank you!” to our web host Ken Evoy at Site Build it! He has supported us from the very beginning with valuable help and advice and much of the credit for our success goes to him.

My intention from the start was to produce a magazine style presentation that was entertaining, carried worthwhile information and was user-friendly. To give a website the name ‘The Storytelling Resource Centre’ seemed a bit pretentious at first, but it has kept me motivated and on my toes! (you have to produce to justify such a title!).

Out of curiosity, we accessed the Alexa Traffic Ratings website. We discovered to our amazement and delight that almost without trying, we were among the top 1% of websites visited worldwide!
This was almost entirely due to Site Build It! and the advice we receive from them.

Those of you who have been regular visitors over the last few years will have noticed that we re-organised the pages in 2003. This we did in accordance with the web host’s direction.The success was immediate! Within days, we were doubling our traffic! We continue to receive up-to-the-minute advice from them and we are now one of the most visited storytelling websites on the internet! You will see further development as time goes on.

Some time ago, I received an email from Elad Shippony who runs a website with huge success! It is called Coolest Kid Birthday Parties and is rated in the top half percent! He wanted to create a mutual link with us so that he can add some stories to his Activities page. Did I say that Site Build It! also hosts his site?

In addition, Site Built it! hosts a wonderful Forum for those who own Solo Build It! websites. This is one of the most pro-active digests that I have experienced. Hundreds of enthusiastic website owners participating and helping each other daily. It is a wonderful community in which everyone is welcomed!

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