The Master of the Great Undead!

The first item in this section is a poem that introduces a character in a spook show with which I toured schools in Scotland. Here is another piece from that same show – It is sung by The Witchmaster to three children who have been invited onto the stage. The song warns of the dangers of meeting another character, soon to appear!


Who’s the one we’re all afraid of
when it’s time to go upstairs to bed?
He gives us all a fright
in the middle of the night.
It’s the Master of the Great Undead!

Comes the dawn, he climbs into his coffin.
He prefers it to a comfy bed.
A glass of water underneath
is where he soaks his teeth!
He’s the Master of the Great Undead.

He spends his time in crime in search of victims.
A soft and tender neck is what is what he seeks.
He will cause you little pain
as he sinks his fangs in vein!
And your blood he’ll drink from where it leaks!

Don’t be surprised if he tries to befriend you.
He’ll promise you the earth to turn your head.
But he’s not up to any good,
all he’s after is your blood
He’s the Master of the Great Undead.

He'll invite you for a 'bite' up to his castle,
A four course meal is what you'll feel he said.
But the bite that's on his mind
is of a different kind
It is liquid and distinctly red!

You’ll notice that he’s always dressed for dinner.
A smart bow-tie and tails is what he sports.
No need to study the menu,
The main course will be…..You!
Followed by a glass of vintage Port.

So now I hope you all will heed my warning.
Your life may only hang just by a thread.
If he offers you, ‘a peck’,
you must not expose your neck
to the Master of the Great Undead!

Copyright Leslie Melville 1987

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